Forts in India

Best Historical Forts in India – Famous Old Qila’s – India Forts

Ita Fort
Kurnool Fort or Konda Reddy Buruju
Amber fort
Domakonda Fort
Golconda Fort
Padmadurg Fort
Kavaledurga Fort
Taragarh Fort
Gooty Fort
Bhongir Fort
Ramagiri Fort
Penukonda Fort
Chandragiri Fort
Kans Qila
Prithviraj Chauhan Fort
Sinhagad Fort
Fort William
Bandar Kota
Gagron Fort
Bobbili Fort
Fort Bhuikot
Deverakonda Fort
Gandikota Fort
Chitradurga Fort
Vizianagaram Fort
Bharuch Fort
Abhimanyu’s Fort
Kondaveedu fort
Gadwal Fort
Warangal Fort
Chingrikhali Fort
Pratapgad Fort
Ahmednagar Fort
Gond Raja Fort
Rachakonda Fort
Nahargarh Fort
Manjarabad Fort
Balapur Fort
Dharur Fort
Narnala Fort
Arnala Fort
Nirmal Fort
Panhala Fort
Nizamabad Fort
Vasai Fort
Kondapalli Fort
Feroz Shah’s Palace
Rohtas Garh or Rohtas Fort
Udgir Fort
Vairagad Fort
Bidar Fort
Laling Fort
Buxar Fort
Prachitgad Fort
Bellary Fort
Adilabad fort
Taragarh Fort
Alwar Fort or Bala Quila
Palamu Forts Purana and Naya Kila
Mahadevgad Fort
Pandavgad Fort and Caves
Gowalkot Fort
Chittorgarh Fort
Fort of Raja Ratan Amol Singh
Alampur Fort
Qila Mubarak
Qilla Mubarak
Kamalgad Fort
Ratangad Fort
Parola Fort
Khammam fort
Janjira Fort
Koppal Fort
Miraj Fort
Ajatshatru Fort
Chidu – Chimri Fort
Medak fort
Dabhoi Fort
Peb Fort
Palakkad Fort
Aurangzeb Fort
Neemrana Fort
Jaigarh Fort
Teliagarhi Fort
Nanded Fort
Srirangapatna Fort
Madikeri Fort
Dhar Fort
Panhala Fort
Bijolia Fort
Dahanu Fort
Paranda Fort
Buxa Fort
Sitabuldi Fort
Udayagiri Fort
Kittur Chennamma Fort
Bidanur Fort
Sangli Fort
Mhow Fort

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Forts in India

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