Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary history

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary City History-Importance-Origin-Architecture

History of Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary: In 1971, Pobitora was declared a Wildlife Sanctuary inorder to protect the large wildlife population of the great One-Horned Rhinos - whose population was dwindling because of active poaching.

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary has always been a part of the present-day Morigaon District which was ruled by 6 independent rulers including 'King Arimatta' during the medieval era. In the recent centuries, this area was under the reign of the British Era before it became a part of India post Indian Independence in 1947.

The big population of the 'One-horned Rhinoceros' in the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary area made this a popular Rhino-destination of India

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