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Digboi Centenary Museum, Digboi: If you ever wondered how the oil wells are drilled and how the oil is pumped out of the earth - this is your one chance to see hot oil rigs work. The state-of-the-art real machinery that is displayed will tell you tons after serving for a century and finally put to rest in this Museum which is behind the still-functional Oil Refinery of Digboi.

Unlike other museums which are within four walls of a building. The Digboi Centenary Museum is an open-air Museum which displays the various life-size parts that go into the making of an Oil-rig. Here you get to see the history of the Assam Oil Industry through the original oil-rig machinery which is preserved and showcased under various iron sheds. Some of them are:

  • Metre gauge Ruston and Hornsby 4wD.
  • Small Bagnalls from Coal India with two home-made coaches.
  • Vertical Ashworth and Parker engine.
  • Diesel driven gas compressor.
  • Two engines - Weston and Uzinele "Strungul" Orasul Stalin.
  • 3 large duplex pumps from Romania.
  • Clarke, Chapman steam winch.
  • steam hammer from B & S Massey
  • Large duplex pump- Dow 41245.
  • large Borsig stationary engine

Near this Centenary Museum is the Northeastern Coalfield Relics which houses and displays the yesteryear Narrow Gauge Steam Railways and other steam relics.

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