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Majuli, Assam: Majoli - also called Majuli, is the world's largest fresh water - river island located in the middle of the vast River Brahmaputra in Assam State of India. Garamur is the sub-divisional headquarters of Majuli.        

Located at 26°57′0″N 94°10′0″E, the Majuli Island encompasses about 500 square kilometres comprising human population of more than 1, 50,000.

The Majuli Island is surrounded by the Brahmaputra River on the south and the Subansiri River (the largest tributary of Brahmaputra) on the north.

Majuli Island is about 25 kms north from Jorhat by ferry. Majuli Island is about 330 kms northeast of Guwahati via Jorhat.

Being a wetland, Majuli is a hotspot for countless species of endemic and exotic birds.

Majuli derives its name from 'Madhyajuli' meaning 'centre place between two rivers' which Majuli is.

Island Tourism cannot be better than this. Especially when you're least expecting it. Majuli river-island is a fringed benefit - a bonus of visiting Assam State. Majuli is the world's largest riverine island encompassing about 2 lakh acres of land and is located right in the middle of River Brahmaputra near Jorhat city in Assam. Either you visit Majuli via a ferry from Jorhat city which operate twice a day or you take a full-blown river-cruise on board a ship from either Dibrugarh or from Guwahati. And another pleasant surprise that you get on this Island is the sight of large number of native and migratory birds.

Majuli comprises 148 small villages with their centre being 'Namghar' (a central point where the locals perform congregational worship).  Concrete educational institutions (colleges and schools), medical clinics, temples and houses dot this Island which makes it a partially developed place.

The ancient migrants from Arunachal Pradesh - the 'Mising Tribals' inhabit the Majuli Island besides the Deori and Sonowal Kacharis tribes. These tribals are extremely skilled at navigating boats on the River Brahmaputra - especially during monsoons when the Brahmaputra gets turbulent by its volume and velocity.

Neo-'Vaishnavite Satras' (Hindu Monasteries) - an integral part of the Assamese culture have been on the Majuli Island since the 15th Century when the Assamese Vaishnav Saint Srimanta Sankaradeva founded them. The whole of Assam State has 600 'Satras' (also spelled Xatras) of which 65 were founded in Majuli but currently just 22 exist. These Satras act as nerve-centres of Majuli which perform socio-religious and cultural role in Majuli society.

'Ali-Ai-Ligang' is a spring festival of the Assamese ' Mising Tribe' of Majuli and is the biggest festival here celebrated in February and March.

Jorhat (25 kms); Dibrugarh (120 kms); Guwahati (200 kms) are nearest big town to Majuli.

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