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Tezpur, Assam: Tezpur is the largest city of all the places on the north-banks of River Brahmaputra and is located at 26.63°N 92.8°Ewith an average elevation of 157 feet above sea level in Assam State. Tezpur is also the 8th largest city of Assam; a Municipal Board and the Administrative Headquarters (the Secretariat) of Sonitpur District in Assam.

Tezpur is 175 kms northeast of Assam State Capital - Dispur; 170 kms from Guwahati; 63 kms northeast of Nagaon; 162 kms west of Jorhat; 290 kms southwest of Dibrugarh; 300 kms east of Bongaigaon; 337 kms southwest of Tinsukia and 370 kms north of Silchar.

Originally called 'Sonitpur', the place was renamed 'Tezpur' (in Sanskrit meaning 'place of blood') after a Hindu Mythological Battle between the armies of Lord Krishna and Banasura on this site which left the place entirely stained in blood.

Beautifully landscaped and well-kept parks, enchanting wide lakes; surrounded by never-ending Tea Gardens; captivating views of the mighty River Brahmaputra in the south and lush green hills and valleys of Arunachal Pradesh State in the north; plus the views of the snow-capped Mountains of the Himalayas beyond them is what makes Tezpur one of the Tourist Hotspots of Assam State. Tourists interested in Archaeological Ruins, history and River-Tourism must visit Tezpur as there are several options here to satiate your appetite.

Tezpur offers an interesting mix of places for all. There's a lot for everyone here. The high-points of tourism in Tezpur are the archaeological ruins of 'Da Parbatia' and 'Bamuni Hills'; 'Mahabhairab Temple' and the likes and the 'Cole Park' and 'Agnigarh' among others.

For those with an appetite for adventure sports, Tezpur offers trekking, river-rafting and fishing at 'Jia Bharali River'. You could even drive out 45 kms north to the Nameri National Park, 60 kms west to Orang Wildlife Sanctuary or 83 kms east to Kaziranga National Park which houses the country's largest population of Rhinos and two-thirds of world's Rhino population.

In order to truly catch the cultural-pulse of the culture-capital like Tezpur, you ought to visit the culture-clubs and hubs such as Ban Theatre; Tarun som Sangha, Jyoti Bharati, Jonaki Hall, Hem Baruah Hall, Jyoti Kala Kendra Sangeet Mahavidyalaya, Estantic Club; and thr Hindu Vaishnv Sattras such as Nikamul, Sipaha, Madar guri, Balipukhuri, Kundarbari, Baralimara, Naleswar, Dakshinpat, and Soudkuchi satra.

Interwined with the Indian culture is the British culture in Tezpur which you can get to see at the British-established and Tea-planters-operated Planter's Clubs such as the Tezpur Station Club, Borsola Gymkhana Club, East Boroi Club, Biswanath Gymkhana Club and Thakurbari Club.

Balichar Festival, Sivaratri Festival and Bare Shaharia Bhaona are the big fairs which are indigenous and unique to Tezpur and its District. Due to the strong culture-mix of this city, the major festivals that are celebrated here are Bihu, Durga Puja, Eid, Christmas, Bathou Puja and Chat Puja.

Nagaon (63 kms); Jorhat (162 kms); Guwahati (170 kms); and Dibrugarh (290 kms) are the nearest bigtowns to Tezpur.

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