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Digboi, Assam: Digboi is a town located in the Tinsukia, northeastern most District of Assam State - It borders the State of Arunachal Pradesh in northeast of India. Digboi is situated at 27.38°N 95.63°E, has an average elevation of 541 feet above sea level.

Digboi is around 500 kms northeast of the state Capital Dispur & Guwahati and 36 kms from southeast of Tinsukia - the administrative headquarters of Tinsukia District in Assam. Tinsukia city is about 80 kms west from the Assam-Arunachal Pradesh Border. Digboi is 195 kms northeast of Jorhat; 140 kms northeast of Sibsagar; 86 kms east of Dibrugarh; and 9 kms north of Margherita.

Digboi city is just 84 kms away towards east of mighty River Brahmaputra.

In the late 1800s, during the British reign over Assam and India, the employees of the Assam Railway and Trading Company discovered oil seeping to the surface of the earth in the dense forests of Tinsukia District, the head of the team Mr. W. L. Lake persuaded the British East India Company to drill an oil-well which was done in 1890 to a depth 662 feet. It was during the drilling of this oil-well here that the British Engineer - Mr. W. L. Lake would motivate his labourers by shouting 'Dig, boy!' and that's how this small town got its name - 'Digboi'.

Popularly known as the 'City of Oil'- Digboi is an Oil-Boom Town - where the Indian Oil-industry was born - with a century-old famous oil-field. It is The British built Oil Refinery in 1901 which is one of the world's first 5 oil-refineries ever constructed and is still operational. The Oil Refinery here built by Assam Oil Company in 1900 is the first Oil Refinery of Asia. This Oil Refinery refines crude oil and produces 34 varieties of oil-by products. At its peak, the Digboi oil field produced about 7000 barrels per day but currently produces about 250 barrels per day.

The town of Digboi was founded by the British in the late 1800s and the town's layout is planned around the oil refinery. With the establishment of the Oil Refinery in Digboi, the top three industries which control the economy of Assam State became Oil, Tea and Timber.

Digboi still remains a British town exuding the essence of a British hamlet in its bungalow-architecture, town-layout and the lifestyle of the local people revolving around club-going, golfing, athletics such as tennis, and swimming etc. The British-built Bungalows still dominate the townscape of Digboi. Surrounded by lush green tea gardens Digboi town offers views of the snow-capped mountains of the Eastern Himalayas.

Digboi Golf Course; Digboi Centenary Oil Museum; Digboi War Cemetery are the top tourist spots of Digboi apart from the lovely Tea Gardens that surround Digboi. The Bell Temple near Digboi is another interesting place to see as you will find hundreds of big and small bells tied up to the poles and walls and trees in the temple-yard as it is a belief and a practice that if your wish is granted when you visit this temple the first time, then you go back and tie a bell in the temple-yard as testimony.

Digboi's 18-hole golf course is one of the finest and most visited in northeast India. People here are outdoorsy and outgoing - which makes it interesting and easier for them to explore the lovely surroundings that Digboi enjoys.

9 kilometres south of Digboi town is another small town called 'Margherita' (named after an Italian Queen) that is set amidst plush and expansive gardens of Tea. Margherita makes for an excellent place for a drive and a picnic from Digboi.

About 50 kms northwest of Digboi and 20 kms north of Tinsukia, a famous wildlife protected environment Dibru Saikhowa National Park is located where some endangered wildlife can be found in their natural habitat within the Park environment.

Among other Assamese festivals celebrated in Digboi such as Fagua, Sohorai, Kali Puja, Gobordhan Puja, Tushu Puja, Gram Puja, and Bihu, 'Karam Puja' is the major festival celebrated in Digboi apart from Christmas and Easter owing to a sizeable Christian population here at Digboi. With the remarkable Tea Estates location to south, Digboi also enjoys celebrating Tea Festival during the month of November.

Margherita (9 kms); Tinsukia (36 kms); Dibrugarh (86 kms); are nearest big towns to Digboi. Other towns near to Digboi are Sibsagar (140 kms) and Jorhat (195 kms). Digboi is located at a distance of about 500 KMS from Guwahati and Dispur-the capital city of Assam.

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