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Orange Orchards, Tinsukia: Tinsukia District is one of the leading Orange producers of the country. Within 30 kms on the northeast and about 50 kms southeast of Tinsukia, there are several thousands of hectares of Orange Orchards that the locals fiercely guard and cultivate as it is one of the prime contributors to the Tinsukia District Economy. A whopping 16,000 kilos of oranges are produced per hectare. The majority of the Oranges cultivated here belong to the variety - "Khasi Mandarin" (Citrus reticulata Blanco) which is also known as "Humthira", "Kamala" and "Ronga Tenga" in this region.

The major areas of Orange Orchards in Tinsukia District are:

  • Ketekong - 53 kms southeast of Tinsukia city.
  • Margherita - 50 kms southeast of Tinsukia city.
  • Talap
  • Hapjan - 10 kms northeast of Tinsukia city.
  • Doomdooma - 30 kms northeast of Tinsukia city.
  • Kakapathar
  • Phillobari - 40 kms east of Tinsukia city.

These Orange Orchards are 50-100 years old. And the harvesting season is between the last week of October and the first week of January.

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