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Saraighat Bridge, Assam: The first bridge that was built on River Brahmaputra in Assam is the Saraighat Bridge which starts at 26°11′23.98″N 91°38′38.15″E right adjacent to the Pandu River Port on the south banks of River Brahmaputra in Guwahati city and ends at 26.18102, 91.6719 in North  Guwahati. National highways 31 & 27 run on this Bridge to and from Guwahati.

The Saraighat Bridge is 4900-foot road-cum-rail Bridge that connects both sections of Guwahati city. The Saraighat Bridge is a great place to view the River Brahmaputra in all its glory. It is an awesome view and feeling to stand in the middle of the Bridge and view the Brahmaputra River in 360 degrees. This is the only spot on the river where you can enjoy a 360 degree-view. This provides awesome angles of the Brahmaputra River for photographers - especially at sunset. After visiting the Saraighat Ghat, take a ferry ride from Guwahati under the bridge.

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