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River Cruise on Brahmaputra River, Guwahati: This is a must-do for one and all.

The great Brahmaputra River is one of the top 3 largest rivers of India. Brahmaputra is a transboundary river which originates in Tibet and flows from India into Bangladesh for a full stretch of 2900 kilometres with a width of 10 kms max. Irrigation and Transportation depend on the Brahmaputra River everywhere it flows. The Brahmaputra River is the only river in the whole of India which was given a male name - which means the son of Brahma . And it is not every day that you get the opportunity to cruise on River Brahmaputra - unless you re living around it.

River Cruises on River Brahmaputra is rated the top tourist activity in Guwahati and for a reason. This river offers sights and experiences like no other in the country. You can either venture out for a few hours on the river or take a full-blown cruise on the Brahmaputra which floats upstream to the northern reaches of Assam State with many stopovers (spanning 4-12 days) at some of the most incredible spots that you never knew existed or even possible.

You can either skiff around the Peacock Island in the middle of the river near Guwahati or take a 10-day vacation in a cruise-ship and indulge in:

  1. See playful pink Dolphins
  2. See gorgeous sunsets on the river horizon
  3. Watch the Assamese villagers at work and at play on the river-banks
  4. Float into the world-famous Kaziranga National Park - home of the largest population of the one-horned Rhinos in India and stop to take a Wildlife Safari or an Elephant Ride at dawn. Take photos of the elephants and the Rhinos.
  5. Visit the Manas National Park at the international border of Bhutan.
  6. Visit Archaeological Sites.
  7. Visit crafts villages.
  8. Visit places of pilgrimage.
  9. Visit the Tea Gardens.
  10. Visit the Nameri National Park.
  11. Visit Majuli Island - world s largest riverine island.
  12. Visit the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary.
  13. Visit Sualkuchi and walk through the silk-weaving village.

You can practically visit almost all the major areas of Assam by cruising on River Brahmaputra effortlessly.

Assam Tourism Development Corporation and few other private cruise operators operate all kinds of cruises on the Brahmaputra to suit everyone's timelines.

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Can we about 5-6 people take a ride for say an hour early morning on cruise on 24 th of march 2013?How long it is from Guwahati?... added by   kalpana on Mar 12 2013
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