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Kamakhya Temple, Guwahati: The Kamakhya Temple - one of the most important pilgrimage destinations for the Hindus as well as the Tantric worshipers is a Shakti Peeth Temple dedicated to Goddess Shakti. Located at 26.166426°N 91.705509°E, the Kamakhya Temple stands a top the Nilchal Hill at 800 feet elevation in the western part of the city of Guwahati in Assam and is just 8kms from the Guwahati Railway Station.

The original style of the temple was that of Medieval Temple Architecture but when it got reconstructed the temple's Shikhara was built in the shape of a beehive. There are beautiful sculpted depictions of Lord Ganesha and other Hindu Gods on the panels of the outer walls of the Shikhara.

The Kamakhya Temple comprises 3 major chambers:

  1. The middle chamber is square-shaped which houses a small idol of Goddess Shakti and leads to the sanctum sanctorum of the cave-temple where there is no deity but a natural underground spring which flows from the bedrock. Every morning, devotees sacrifice goats as offering to Goddess Shakti. Goddess Kamakhya is celebrated during the Ambuvaci Festival in summer.
  2. The western chamber is rectangular shaped and large but is meant exclusively for worship by temple priests and not for general public.

There are two modes of worship in which Goddess Shakti is worshipped - the Dakshinachara and the Vamachara - of which flower-offerings and animal sacrifice are an integral part.

Ambubachi Mela, Manash Puja, Durga Puja is when Kamakhya Temple is thronged by thousands of devotees from all over the state of Assam.

There are several other temple on the same hill:

  1. Sitala Temple
  2. Lalita Kanta Temple
  3. The Jaya Durga Temple
  4. Vana Durga Temple
  5. Rajarajesvari Temple
  6. Smasanakali temple
  7. Kali temple of Abhayananda dharmashala
  8. Sankhesvari temple

The Kamakhya complex comprises 5 temples of Lord Shiva dedicated to the various forms of Lord Shiva - Aghpra, Kotilinga, Siddesvara, Kamesvara and Amratokesvara.

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