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Hayuliang, Arunachal Pradesh: Hayuliang is located in the Anjaw district of Arunachal Pradesh. The town is located at 27.79872 degree North and 95.91 degree East at an elevation of 750 meters above sea level. The Delai River and Lohit River irrigate the area.

The Anjaw district is bounded by China on the north east, Lower Dibang Valley in the northwest, Lohit district in the west, Myanmar district in the east and Changlang district in the south. It is the easternmost district and the second least popular district in India (out of 640) in India. and the second least popular district in India (out of 640).

The main rivers of the district are Lohit River (called Telu by local Mishmis), Lam River, Tidding River, Dalai River, Krowti River, Dichu River, Lati River, Klung River, Dav River, Telua River, Ampani River and Sarti River.

Hayuliang in the local language means "the place of my liquor". The name is derived from the opium used as local liquor which is extensively cultivated here.

Hayuliang of Anjaw district is a place of breathtaking landscape and natural beauty. Hawai is the district headquarters of Anjaw district.

The Silver snowcapped mountains of the town, the river beds and the valleys are a treat to the eye. It is certainly a nature's paradise on earth.

The meeting point of Lohit and Delai rivers is a sight to watch here.

Hayuliang is not very well developed town with the majority of tribes being under the poverty line.

Illegal opium cultivation prevails here with high addiction of opium among the local tribes. The women have to take over domestic responsibility as the men are mostly addicts.

The town has educational facilities provided by the Government with banking, health center and communication facilities.

The government is also in the process of setting up a Hydro Power Project over the Hali River in Hayuliang.

Hayuliang People:

The main inhabitants of the area are the Mishmi and Zakhring (earlier known as Meyor) tribes. Like most of the tribes of Arunachal, they worship the Sun and Moon God who they call as Donyi-Polo and Abo-Tani. The Mishmi tribes call their God as Ringvajabmalu. Tezu is also inhabited by a considerable amount of Tibetans who have settled here  community of about 2000 mostly residing in a settlement called by local name as Lama Camp, Tibetans settled here since the 1960s when they have to flee from Tibet due to the attack.

The tribes are very traditional people who still follow the age old traditions and customs that date back as ancient as the Mahabharata times. The interesting feature of the Mishmi tribe is that they still have a King and a Queen in their locality.

Agriculture, animal husbandry, hunting and fishing are the main occupation of the tribes. The major agricultural products are maize, millet, rice, beans, cardamom, orange, pears, plum, orange and apple. They follow the traditional Jhum method of cultivation.

Hayuliang Activities:

Trekking and hiking in the forests, rafting and angling on river Lohit and Delai are the adventurous activities that visitors can enjoy during their trip to Hayuliang. Local guides and tourism operators are available for guidance. It is advisable to carry your own equipment as the availability of equipment is scare in Hayuliang.

Festivals at Hayuliang:

The local festivals of Hayuliang are:

Tamladu - This is a festival of the Mishmi tribe celebrated on 15 Feb every year.  During the festival, prayers are offered to the God of Earth and the God of Water to seek their blessings for protection against natural calamities. People worship Lord Jebmalu, a local God for the welfare of crops and animals. The festival is not restricted to the tribes but people from all communities are welcome to join in the celebrations.

Sanken - This is a tribal festival celebrated on 15 April every year for 5 days. The festival is dedicated to Lord Buddha. It is celebrated as the New Year and people sprinkle water on each other as a sign of joy. The Mopin tribes celebrate the festival for wealth, prosperity, good health and happiness. People rub rice powder on each other's face and begin the festival. 

Nearest Big town:
The nearest big town from Hayuliang is Tezu which is about 100 km. Tezu is a beautiful and well developed town of Arunachal Pradesh.

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