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Shiva Lingam History-Origin-Importance-Architecture

History of Shiva Lingam: The Shiva Lingam of the Sidheswar Nath Temple was discovered in July 2004. The story of the discovery of the Linga goes as - during the Shravana month, the holy month of worshipping Lord Shiva, a local named Prem Subha was cutting a tree near the tall stone. The tree fell a few meters away from the stone. When he saw the stone carefully he suddenly realized that it was no ordinary stone but a Shiva Linga. He informed all the people around about what he saw and there was a huge gathering near the Linga.

The mythological story says that the Linga has been mentioned in the Shiva Purana (17th chapter) that the tallest Shiva Linga will be found in a place which will be called as Lingalaya and the entire area will later be known as Arunachal.

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