Karivena Brahmin Satram, Srisailam

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Here, total 150 rooms are available.

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Srisailam - 518101
Phone No :- 08524 287148

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I am Ramana Murty belongs to Kowndinyasa Gotra We are 4 Numbers. I need accommodation for 4 Numbers. We will be reaching there on 25th June 2016 by around 7 AM and leaving on same day 7 PM kindly provide us accommodation please confirm it.... added by   Bhairi Ramanamurty on Jun 22 2016
I belongs to Bharadwaj Brahmin want an AC room on 13/08/2016 to 15/08/2016 at yours.My name is V.PardhaSaradhi... added by   Vaduguri PardhaSaradhi on Jun 18 2016
I want one AC double bed room on 13/08/2016 afternoon and vacate on 15/08/2016 morning.... added by   Vaduguri PardhaSaradhi on Jun 17 2016
I mohan kumar belongs to Bharadwajasa gothra and need 1 room from tomorrow evening to sunday afternoon. pl provide accommodation.... added by   mohankumar on Jun 10 2016
As a Brahmin I want to stay in Karivena Anna satram only as it is the best.... added by   karanam sudheer kumar on Jun 3 2016
I am Govindarajan belongs to bharatwaja gothra we are two in numbers I need accomodation for two persons we will be reaching there on 15th june 2016 by around 7 pm and leaving on 16th june kindly provide us accomadation please confirm it... added by   K.Govindarajan on Jun 2 2016
Dear Sir/Madam We are visiting srisailam in the month of jun 2nd week, kindly confirm us Room availibity & rent of the room.We 3 members are comming ( Father mother & me).And inform us how many days earlier we have book the room for 3 members & what is the rent of the room & if advance amount to be paid,in what form to be paid. ... added by   Anup Kulkarni on May 22 2016
howtorooms in 16may ... added by   PRASANNAKUMAR GODAVARTHI on May 13 2016
howtorooms in 16may ... added by   PRASANNAKUMAR GODAVARTHI on May 13 2016
Sir, i want to visit srisailam in the month of april 3rd week,up to 15th of May. Could you provide accomidation for single person.How much i pay for above mentioned 21days staying.... added by   Akella p srinivas on Apr 8 2016
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