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The temple of Sri Kanyakaparameswari Devi is located at Proddatur town in the Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh. The temple and its premises are also called as AmmavariShala. Here, the shrine of Sri Kanyakaparameswari (an incarnation of Goddess Parvathi) is manifested by an ancient AryaVysya family. The temple is situated close to the banks of River Penna (also known as Pinakini River); where as a similar temple of Sri Kanyakaparameswari Devi, located at Penugonda town in West Godavari district, is close to the banks of River Godavari.

While the goddess Sri Kanyakaparameswari is the prime deity of AryaVysya community, also people belonging to different castes and sects worship her with utmost devotion. The town is the major dwelling for the descendants of the ancient 102 gotrajas of the AryaVysya community. There is a fond believe that people who migrate here for a survival shall never leave it as they are blessed by the goddess with a decent and comfortable livelihood.

Significance of Sri Kanyakaparameswari Devi:
One who prays her with pure heart and sincere devotion shall be blessed and lightened by the goddess. Spiritual excellence and noble character make our lives to be fruitful by worshipping the goddess. Thus, as the history says, the 102 Gotrajas of AryaVysya community have sacrificed and dedicated their lives in the utmost devotion of Sri Kanyakaparameswari Devi and attained Mukthi (spiritual freedom).

In front of the goddess, there are four massive pillars standing tall with a space holding in between them. It is a strong belief that the disputes, if any, between local people are solved by making the persons sit in front of the goddess in this enclosed area of pillars. By sitting in the holy place, the jealousies and discriminations in their minds are eradicated by the blessings of the goddess and again they are united by coming to a mutual understanding and shall find a peaceful solution. Thus, the place is so powerful and the space between the four pillars has the greatest reverence.
Depiction of the temple s architecture:
The temple stands at a height of 10 feet above the ground level and the roof stands on a round pillar, the circumference of which cannot be held up with two hands. The entire temple is built in a square shaped structure with beams made up of quality teak wood and Vaastu standards have been followed strictly. The temple is so carefully carved in each and every aspect that it became the holy abode for the goddess. The temple resembles the Kalpavruksha , a holy tree which fulfills every wish instantly. It also resembles the Kamadhenu , a sacred cow of the heaven that blesses her devotees. The shrine of the goddess is believed to be a Parasuvedi (elixir) that can turn metals into gold and that the holy abhishekam water of the goddess has exceptional healing powers. On both sides of the main temple, shrines of Sri Veerabhadra Swami (southern side) and Sri Vighneswara (northern side) are manifested in security of the goddess. On the second entrance of the temple, another principal deity of 102 Gotrajas of AryaVysya community, Sri Nagareswara Swami temple also is situated in which regular poojas and rituals are performed.

The AmmavariShala is built in a style similar to that of which can be only seen in palaces with sculptures, paintings and grand doors. And facing the east, the beautiful sanctum of Goddess Sri Kanyakaparameswari Devi is situated and the shrine can be seen inside which is manifested on an elevated place. The principal shrine is situated in such a way that the morning sunrise touches her feet. The temple is a renowned landmark of the town with an eye catching tower standing tall amidst of the town. The tower has a spiral shaped steps, to reach the top, built during the tenure of Late Sri Kopparapu Subbaiah, President of the Arya Vysya Sabha of the town. The tower represents the town as its symbol is used by the State Road Transport Corporation on their buses and print media uses it as well to denote the town of Proddatur.

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