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Medak fort is one of the must seen places on a visit to Medak. It is situated on the hill top with a scenic beauty. Historically Medak has a importance place and reached pinnacle during the Kakatiya dynasty reign. Medak fort was built during the reign of Kakatiyas and by the emperor 'Pratapa Rudra'.

Medak fort is top on the hilltop surrounded by a scenic beauty. The main entrance proudly displays the double-headed bird "Gandabherundam" of the Kakatiyas. The Medak fort stands as an epitome of architectural excellence of the Kakatiya dynasty. The water to the fort was served through a pipeline from a well inside the fort. It has three main entrances, the "Prathama Dwaram", the "Simha Dwaram" or Lions Entrance that has two snarling lions at the top of the entrance and the "Gaja Dwaram" or Elephant's Entrance that has a sculpture of two elephants interlocked on both sides of the entrance. At the fort one can see a 17th century cannon that is 3.2 meters long. The cannon have a trident etched on it. This fortress uses the natural topography to the maximum advantage with the rocky face offering it natural defences.


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