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Sangameswara temple, the temple dedicated to Lord Siva, is very ancient temple. The actual temple of Sangameshwara is situated at the confluence of the Krishna and the Bhavanasi near Muchumarri in Kurnool district. The shrine finds a prominent place in Skandapurana.  

During the exile of Pandvas, they wanted to do a penance to Lord Siva and Bhima was asked to fetch a Siva Linga. As Bhima failed to reach the place of penance with the Shiva Linga at the specified time, Dharmaraja, installed the Linga made of a Neem Log. 

The temple complex is popularly known as Pancheswaram (combination of five temples that includes Sangameswaram, Sidheswaram, Kapileswaram, Someswaram and Malleswaram). 

When the Srisailam dam was constructed the temple has been dismantled and reconstructed above the Hilltop near Kurnool under the guidance of Kanchi Kama Koti swami. This place is flourishing as a huge picnic spot and also a religious centre.

Being on the top of the hill it has a serene atmosphere. From the top of the hill you can get bird s eye view of the whole of the Kurnool city. 

An ancient Dargah is also next to this place, which holds two tree s one above other, which can be seen before entering the city from a very long distance and is a popular attraction as a picnic spot for the people of Kurnool city.

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Which style of architecture the sangameswaram temple near muchumarry? When,period,whch century cunstructed temple? Which style(ex: nagara or dravidian or vesara) please send me answers... added by   sardar ram on Dec 15 2012
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