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The Kurnool Fort is located in the heart of Kurnool and is one of the prominent landmarks of the town. It was believed to be built by Achyuta Devarayalu, belonging to Vijayanagar Empire and stands even today as the splendorous examples of the architecture of those times. Konda Reddy Buruju is a part of Kurnool Fort and also the only part left out of the magnificent fort.

There was a tunnel across the River Krishna to Alampur. You can see this tunnel even now. This was the prison where Konda Reddy had his last breath and hence the tower was named in his memory. The bastion is in the shape of a huge pillar and has two storeys. The first storey has an underground passage about 25kms long, which leads you to Alampur, a town in Mahbubnagar District.

Many treasure hunters tried to dig this through passage. Some were successful and the fate of others is not known. Recently after an attempt by a well known person of Kurnool to take the treasure, this passage is closed permanently. Reaching the highest point of the monument, you get the panoramic view of the city. The fort is now almost in a ruined state, with some of the portions still standing strong. One such ruined portion of the Kurnool Fort is the Erra Buruju, (Erra meaning Red and Buruju meaning Watch-tower ), built of red sand stone.

This Buruju was built by the Vijayanagara rulers and played a significant role for the successive dynasties who ruled the place. There are two small ancient temples at the foot of this Buruju dedicated to Goddess Yellamma. Pedda Yellamma Temple is on the south-eastern side while Chinna Yellamma Temple is on the north-eastern side. People still believe that there is some hidden treasure in Erra Buruju.

On the walls of this Erra Buruju, you can find some of the splendour symbols that were of historical importance. On the south eastern side of the wall, you can find a buffalo and Goddess Yellamma, on the eastern side of the wall you can find a mythical lion and a sheep (or a royal boar). On the north-eastern side of the wall you can see a rider on a royal elephant uprooting a tree that symbolises Lord Indra on Airavath (His vehicle) and kalpavriksham (the divine tree).

On the same wall you can also see images like snake engulfing a frog, a buffalo, pair of elephants, pair of spiders, monkey climbing the tree and a horse drawing a chariot. You can also see slight images of Sri Rama, Lakshmana and Goddess Sita. There is also an image of an elephant and a lion locked in a fight.

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kondareddy boorge is avery importent place ... added by   m.siva on Apr 19 2013
kondareddy buruj is a nose of kurnool city just like gateway of india in mumbai.pls keep clean and put safety its.... added by   mr badshah mumbai on Jun 26 2012
konda reddy buruju is the heart of the city... added by   dseshagiri on Jun 12 2012
konda reddy buruju is the heart of the city... added by   dseshagiri on Jun 12 2012
Konda reddy buruju should also be called as Gateway of Rayalaseema. Govt should make it official... added by   Ramesh Balla on May 23 2012
thanks ... added by   a.ramakrishnareddy on Apr 30 2012
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