Kaigal Water Falls, Kaigal

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Kaigal Water Falls is popularly known as Dumukuralla water falls. IN this waterfalls earlier along with the water small pebbles were also rolling down and used to make a type of sound while dropping in the water below like "dum' 'dum' hence these waterfalls are also popular as Dumukuralla water falls

The water fall is natural, perennial and water comes from a big rock at a height of 40 feet, irrespective of seasons.

The natural pond is worth saying and along with the green habitat and the picturesque location this place is worth a visit for nature lovers. You can also have a nice picnic along with the family. But be careful to pack the necessary items for the picnic as you wont get much to shop nearby

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Kaigal Water Falls Reviews and Comments
Super location... added by   M C Harish Gowda on Mar 12 2013
Visited this place in Sep 12. It was all dried up and it was really unpleasant surprise just after the rainy season. So visitors plan accordingly as it looks like its a seasonal falls.... added by   Anony on Sep 10 2012
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