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Reaching Penugonda: This City is centrally located between Amalapuram, Tanuku, Bhimavaram and Rajahmundry. The temple town of Vysyas community and the birth place of Kanyaka Parameshwai Devi is about 35kms from Tadepalligudem station, 15 kms from Tanaku station, 15 kms from Palakollu station, 30 kms from Nidadavole station and 50 kms from Rajahmundry station.

There are government-run buses from Tanuku, Bhimavaram, Tadepalligudem and Rajahmundry to reach Penugonda. There are trains from Chennai (Chennai-Howrah Mail, Circar Express) Vijayawada (Ratnachal Express), Hyderabad (Gowthami Express, East Coast Express, Godavari Express, Konark Express, Visakha Express) Bangalore (Prasanthi Express) and Tirupati (Tirumala Express, Howrah Express) that pass through Tadepalligudem or Tanuku that are nearby stations to Penugonda. After getting down at either of these places, you can take a bus or taxi.

The road route to Penugonda is as follows:

Reach Penugonda From Bhimavaram:

Bhimavaram lies to the south of Penugonda. From Bhimavaram town take the road to Gosthani Nadi, BV Raju College and then Gollalakoderu. At Gollalakoderu there is a Temple of Lord Shiva. You can visit this on your way. However, RTC buses do not stop here. If you are going by car or taxi, you can visit. From Gollalakoderu, go straight towards Kesavaram. After crossing Kesavaram, you will come to a X-road. The left diversion takes you to Ganapavaram, the straight road to Chilakampadu Village and the right diversion takes you to Penugonda.


Take the right diversion. You will come to Attili go straight from here without taking the left diversion. After crossing the railway track, you will come to another small village called Penumantra. After crossing this, you will come to Maruteru cross-road. At this, take the left side road that leads to Penugonda.

The moment you enter Penugonda, you will have to cross the Dr. KS Raju Arts and Science College. Then you have a Y-road. Take the left diversion and you will see the historical temple of Sri Kanyaka Parameshwari at a few kilometres distance.

Reach Penugonda From Tanuku:

From Tanuku, take the road to Peravali on NH-5. You come to a cross road after travelling few kilometres. Take the left road. After travelling some distance, you will come to the temple town of Penugonda.

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