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Lepakshi City History-Importance-Origin-Architecture

History of Lepakshi AP: A tale related to the origin of the name 'Lepakshi' has it that when Ravana abducted Goddess Sita, the bird Jatayu fought against the King and died in the battle on this spot with its wings cut off. Lord Rama empathically said, "le pakshi", meaning "rise, oh bird". Thus the place eventually got the name Lepakshi.

Another legend has it that Virupanna, a treasurer of Penukonda province under the king Achutaraya of the Vijayanagar dynasty, left the treasure empty in order to build the temple the way he wished. Finding the treasure empty, the king ordered for a royal punishment to the guilty. Panic stuck Virupanna who plucked out his own eyes and threw them against the wall, where the faded blood stains are still visible from centuries. Thus this place got the name as "Lepa-akshi" meaning "the blinded eyes".

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