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History of Guntur Andhra Pradesh: The original Sanskrit name of Guntur was 'Garthapuri', meaning, a place surrounded by water ponds. The city is said to be existing from the time of Dwapara Yuga and Treta Yuga according to Vedic Puranas. Guntur city was a prominent place from the time the kingdom of Partipalapura was established in 500 BC. As per the earliest known records, Guntur finds its mention from idem plates of Ammaraja I who was the Vengi Chalukyan King. In some other inscriptions that date back to 1147 CE and 1158 CE, Guntur has its name mentioned.

The place was ruled by Nawab Salabat Jung till 1788. Then over a period of time, during the colonial rule, Guntur was under the control of the French and then the British.

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