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Colectorate Road
Guntur - 522004
Phone No :- 0863 2222221

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HI there!A new bakery just enepod up called Sweet Cakes at 935 n. damen (Damen and Augusta). It's owned by a great family, and the head baker herself is Vegan, so there are definitely some Vegan options on the menu in addition to the other butter and dairy-laden treats! Additionally, any thing that isn't vegan on the menu can be special ordered as such.... added by   Darwin on Mar 2 2012
Yah! I am FIRST! doing the happy dance! Sharing this great healthy clatohoce chip cookie recipe and sending out blessings on your new home! I LOVE your kitchen! Sooo jealous YOU have a gourmet kitchen! I have literally 18 inches of usable counter space in my kitchen. I am imagining all the things you can do in your space! May you have happiness and joy in your new home and sending lots of love! alex@a moderate life s last [type] ..[]... added by   Luana on Mar 2 2012
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