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When the name 'Pochampally' strikes your mind, it brings to your eyes the picture of colourful silk threads woven into traditional attires. A small but prominent village in Nalgonda District of Andhra Pradesh, Pochampally has an enriching array of tradition, history, legacy, modernity and ethnicity.

Well-known as a textile centre, Pochampally is covered by the lush green fields all over that are surrounded by scenic hills, tanks and ponds. As you enter Pochampally, you get to see a typical village scene with Chatrashala houses (open-to-sky houses that are covered with grass), women sitting outdoor making mats, spread-out silk wraps outside the textile centres, Vinobha Mandir or Bhoodaan Ashram, temples and cultural complexes.

For years, Pochampally has been famous for its weaving technique. The village is more famous for its "Ikkat" weave, as it is locally called; the "Tie and Dye" weave. The recipe of this technique lies in the beautiful blend of colours on warp and the weft threads whose end result is an extraordinary designed material, be it a sari or a dress or a bed-spread. The magic not only lies in the mixture of threads, their colours and the design, but in the hands of skilful weavers who add to the beauty of these expensive silk saris or for that matter a simple dress materials. The typical "Pochampally design", as it is popular with this name, is about a century year old.

Apart from being a weaver's paradise, this place is also well-versed with farming, dairying, pottery, tank fishing, mats and baskets weaving, carpentry, gold smith, black smith and many more. Even in this weaving village, people do not leave behind their religion. On spiritual grounds, the weavers worship Markandeya, who is their main deity. There is one temple of Sri Markandeya in the centre of the village.

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