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Lambasingi Andhra Pradesh - Lambasingi also called as Lammasingi is a small village in the Chintaplli Mandal of Vishakapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh. It is situated in the agency area. This place is called the Kashmir of AP (can also be referred as the Kashmir of South India as temperatures in this places go as low as Zero degrees in December – January). This village is situated at a height of above 1000 meters from the sea level

Snow fall which can hardly be seen in south India can also be seen in this place as temperatures no go higher than 10 degree centrigrade and always close to Zero degree centigrade. Travellers to this region will be astonished to observe that the villages which are close (as close as even 10-15 Kilometres) to Lambasingi have normal temperatures of between 25-35 Degree’s unlike to this village.

Another name for this Lambasingi village is 'Korra Bayalu'. Korra means ‘Stick’ Bayalu means ‘outside’ what it means in the local language is “if some one stays outside the house in the open they will freeze like a stick”

In the state of Andhra Pradesh Adilabad and Arogyavaram are couple of  places that record lowest temperatures.  Lammasingi records less than 5 degrees even in seasons other than winter.  You can see sun only after 10 am on any given day and in winters only around 12 but again by 3pm this place will be blanketed by thick fog.

Another village, Tajangi which is few kilometres from this Lambasingi also experiences similar temperature but Lambasingi outbeats all of them with the lowest tempereaturs.

The wind from the forest and the mountains blows from Chintapalli (another place close to Lambasangi) becomes stable at Tajangi valley because of dense trees and water resources. Fog has more humidity because of the abundant water resources and as the fog travels from chintapalli to Tajangi Valley and then to Lambasingi the temperatures in Lambasingi and Tajangi are almost same but in Chintapalli a bit warmer comparatively.

This place is also very famous for its Coffee & Pepper Plantations. All these plantations are being cultivated since the British Regime in India. Coffee grown here is exported to USA.

Even in summer when the whole of the state reels under severe high temperatures Lambasingi will be cool comparatively. Next time when you want to run from the Indian summer to a cooler place you can plan for Lambasingi and have the double benefit of seeing the rurual India with 1/100th of the cost and also have the adventure spirit kick in you

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