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Amalapuram is a town in East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh, India. The town is known for its Vedic Culture and its development. Amalapuram is also the divisional head quarters of Amalapuram Revenue Division. The picturesque village, Amalapuram is every nature lover's town. The lush green fields bordered with palm trees, coconut grooves, the zigzag paths and canals, the small puddles filled with water and the typical houses forms an integral part of Amalapuram. 

Once you are in Amalapuram, you can access to other places of tourist interest such as Vigneswara temple at Ainavilli, Vireswara temple at Muramalla, Uma Koppulingeswara Swami temple at Palivela, Sri Skhana Mukteswara Swami temple at Mukteswaram, Allavaram beach and Aduru a Buddhist site. 

Apart from the religious places, there are prominent official buildings at Amalapuram that are must-see. Situated along the canal besides the NTR Marg of Amalapuram, there stands the R.D.O's office building. The uniqueness of this building is its resemblance to the Indian Parliament. It is an office complex, duly providing accommodation to R.D.O office as well as to other offices. This building stands as prime attraction to tourists.

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