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Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh: Vizianagaram (pronounced as Vijaya Nagaram) is a major city located in the Vizianagaram district of Andhra Pradesh. The name "Vizianagaram" implies it to be the "City of Victory" that has a glory of thousands of years. It is situated on the North-Eastern part of the Andhra Pradesh state and closely situated to the shores of the Bay of Bengal. The nearest cities are Srikakulam and Vishakapatnam.

Vizianagaram city is one of the largest municipalities in the state and is a prime business and academic centre. It is just 40km away from Vishakapatnam and is closely situated to the shores of Bay of Bengal. A Ferro-Manganese plant is situated at Garividi in the city suburbs which is one of the largest plants in the country. The city also has a railway junction and a shipping centre for trading Jute and Sunn Hemp (Jute substitute). Many industries like jute mills and textile mills are found here and the city is the most sought after place for shopping dress material and apparel. Huge cloth shopping complexes like Balaji Wholesale Textile Market has more than hundred shops selling fine quality fabrics, sarees, dress material and other clothing at cheaper rates. The fort is located near the railway station at just one mile. Also, several infrastructural developments took place in the past few years.

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Sir kindly consider updating the ficticious history about kings of Vizianagaram. Kings of Viziznagaram, belong to PERICCHEDI ruling clan of Andhra. Founder of Vizianagaram clan of Pericchedi-s was Amala Raju. Kings of Viziznagaram, have surnames of ??????? "Poosapaati" meaning hailing from a place known as ??????? "Poosapaadu", which was buit by built by founder of Vizianagaram clan of Pericchedi-s Amala Raju. The kings of Vizianagaram, bore the title of GAJAPATHI only from the 16th centu... added by   e amaresh on Nov 25 2015
what an great history.............. ... added by   leela on Aug 23 2012
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