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Vinukonda is a town located in the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. During the rule of the Vishnukundina Kings, the town was called as Vishnukundinapuram and also was the capital of Vishnukundina Kingdom. Telugu language had been made the first official language during the reign of Vishnukundina Kings. 

According to a local legend of Ramayana epic, while Ravana was kidnapping Sita, Jatayu tried to restrict Ravana and got hurt and shouted for Rama from the hill of this town. And Rama heard the call of Jatayu. It was derived from Vinna (heard) and Konda (hill) and has become Vinukonda over time. Every year, grand religious celebrations take place here during the Karthika Toliekadasi (a telugu festival) and people climb this hill to worship and offer prayings to Lord Shiva. And also there is a 400 year old mosque in this town, called as Jamiya Masjid.  

The climate here is very hot during summer and moderate during rainy and winter. The underground drinking water is highly affected by concentrations of fluoride causing Fluorosis (a bone disease) among the local people. Carrying packaged drinking water is the best option as no proper measures are taken to supply safe water and avoid the consumption of fluoride water.

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