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Vetapalem is a town situated in the Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh. In the earlier days, the town was also known as Mrugayapuri. It is very near to Chirala town and is in a close proximity to the eastern coast of Bay of Bengal. The town is famous for its fine quality cashew nuts and apart from that it's been a huge oracle of Telugu literature. 

One can find almost any kind of Telugu book in the library of Saraswata Niketanam at Vetapalem, as this is one of the largest and oldest Telugu libraries serving for more than 90 years with a huge collection & wide variety of Telugu books and journals. The library, for which the foundation stone was laid by the Father of Nation - Mahatma Gandhi, had been founded by Late V.V. Shreshti in 1918 and later it was well appreciated and patronized by great scholars & well known personalities like Babu Rajendra Prasad, Seth Jamnalal Bajaj, Sri Tanguturi Prakasam Pantulu and other successive leaders. 

Vetapalem is an ideal place for people who wish to earn their livelihood through handicraft and handloom works because it has many small scale industries like cashew nut production & processing units, handlooms, aqua culture, fishing etc. Most of the people in this town are engaged either in the cashew nut or fishing industries. The fine quality cashew produced here is famous and exported widely over the country and overseas as well.

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Vetapalem is very near to sea coast, Road conveyance availble(auto rickshaw) near to coast. Good beach consists greenary. Having railway station too. Nagarpamma temple is another picknik spot. It is nice to visit nagarpamma temple in the month of november. It is also very near to chirala town too.... added by   chidambaram on Dec 30 2012
vetapalem is a good cultural town.nagavarapamma temple is very famous...... added by   kameswari on Dec 25 2012
super... added by   siva on Jul 24 2012
super... added by   brahmam on Jul 24 2012
very luky fellows (vetapalem peoples)a big libraray is there ... added by   swetha on Mar 9 2012
i love vetapalem very much... added by   naveen on Mar 9 2012
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