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Puttur, Andhra Pradesh: Puttur is a town located in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh. It was the first town in the state to have a railway track built between Puttur and Renigunta. The name came from the words 'pudhu ooru' (means new place), coined by the workers of railway track, has gradually become Puttur. The nearest places are Renigunta, Thiruthani (TN), Narayanavanam, Karvetinagaram and Tirupati etc. The town is famous all over the world for its unique Natural Bone Setting Hospital where the broken bones are treated and set to normal without any surgery by using some medicinal herbs and leaves. This exceptional method of healing has been discovered by an ancient Kshatriya family in town. 

History of Bone Setting Hospital: During the late 19th century, Mr. Gopal Raju, the founder of the hospital has discovered this medicinal plant inadvertently. One day, when he was hunting around he had shot at a rabbit and notices that its backbone was broken and carried it to home on some leaves. After some time, to his surprise, he found that the rabbit is hopping which was not even able to move while he carried it to home. Then he speculated that the leaves which he brought the rabbit on may have some medicinal power that made it heal the rabbit. So, he took some more leaves and crushed them to paste and applied it to the rabbit and within a week the rabbit was cured completely. Later Mr. Raju tried it on some wounded cattle and found it successful and later on tried also on humans which proved it to be a sure success. By that, he came to a conclusion that the leaves have medicinal values that can heal the broken bones and adopted the service of treating people for free and made it as their family tradition. And the same is still being adopted by their successors and administering the hospital till date. 

In fact, the procedure is very quick and simple; as the expert first checks the broken bone with his hands and then applies the herbal paste and egg yolk on the limb and wraps it firmly using a cotton cloth with support of bamboo sticks, if necessary. And the patient is advised to take rest for few days and to back after 45 days for a review. In most of the cases, the bone is healed during this period. Only in some cases, the patient may need a second wrap. The hospital is actually located in the village of Rachapalem which is as close as 2km from the Puttur railway station. It soon got very famous and people from different parts of the country come here in a large number to have their orthopedic problems get treated without surgery.

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