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Pushpagiri is a temple town in Vallur Mandal of Kadapa District in Andhra Pradesh. The town lies on the banks of River Pennar and is famous for its ancient temples. In Pushpagiri you can find about 16 temples dedicated to both Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu, which is the uniqueness of this place. Saivites (a sect in Hindu religion where people follow Lord Shiva) regard Pushpagiri as "Madhya Kailasam" as there are eight temples dedicated to Lord Shiva while the Vaishnavites (a sect in Hindu religion who follows Lord Vishnu) regard it as "Madhya Ahobilam". Pushpagiri finds a mention in the Valmiki's Sundarakanda chapter of Ramayana which shows the existence of this place from centuries. 

It is said that the kings and rich people of Pushpagiri erected many temples here as there was an ancient belief that building a temple in this place would bring them prosperity. Hence in the good old days nearly hundred and one temples adorned Pushpagiri. But now you can see only few of them that too in a dilapidated state. The only temple retaining its past glory is the Chenna Kesava Temple that is the main attraction of Pushpagiri. This temple is said to be one of the largest and ancient temples of Pushpagiri. Chenna Kesava Temple, Trikuteswara Swami Temple, Bhimeshwara Temple, Santana Malleswara and Uma Maheshwara are in one temple complex. 

Just opposite to the main temple, there is a "Pushpagiri Matham" (home of religious order), said to be the richest and only Advaita Mutt in Andhra Pradesh.  Also called as "Pushpagiri Peetham", this Mutt is established by Aadhi Sankaracharya, a renowned Hindu Saint, to promote his philosophy of Advaita. The existence of this Advaita Mutham brought the recognition as "Second Hampi" to this place. 

Today, Pushpagiri holds the charm of a small rural place with few dwellings where people earn their livelihood by selling local handicrafts (bangles, toys and balloons) to the tourist who visit here. Some small hotels selling tea and snacks can also be found on the road.

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My hme god pushpagiri, is a nice place , ... added by   Dinesh on Sep 25 2012
The sri pushpagiri senkaramatham is established in the time of Sri Vidyaranya swami (founder of Vijayanagara samrajyam) ... added by   anonymus on Dec 19 2011
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