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Nirmal Adilabad: Nirmal, known as the land of crafts and craftsmanship, is the small town in the Adilabad District of Andhra Pradesh. Nirmal is the picturesque town located amidst beautiful forests and hills. This little town occupies leading place in India for its handicrafts and toys. These toys are all the local articles that can be used in daily life- furniture, toys, boxes, paintings, jewellery etc.

One must be wondering over the recognition Nirmal has for its toys. Yes, the fame of the town is apt as the toys are unique in their own way. The toys are made of 'Ponki Chekka' (a wood by name Ponki), which is locally available. The speciality of this wood is its light weight, flexibility and the ability to be cut into desired shape. The various parts of these toys are glued together by specially prepared glue. It is then coated with 'chinta lappam', a paste like substance, which is prepared from sawdust and boiled tamarind seeds. After this, they toys are again coated with white clay, which smoothens any ridges and depressions on the toys. The toys are then coloured with attractive colours. The most amazing thing to note is that the colours used for these toys are natural vegetable colours and some original minerals. The golden colour that you find on these products is also the result of some herbal extracts.

The end product of all the above processes is toys that are attractive, colourful and bright.

It is said that this art form originated somewhere around 14th century. That time, the product was limited to certain range. That is, the first articles/toys were based on figures and episodes from mythology and were purely art object. By the end of 17th century, this art took a radical transformation. The local talent was exploited and new creativity was given the way. The articles used in regular utility and some decorative items were manufactured.

Legend has it that even the Nizams of Hyderabad were very much biased with Nirmal craftsmanship. On their visit to this toy town, the Nizams were given a splendid welcome with the venue all decked up with the best of craftsmanship of Nirmal. An intricately carved banana bud, whose petal was coloured gold, was hanged above the Nizam's seat, which showered golden coloured petals on him.

Today to patch up with the modern terms and fast changing trends, the Nirmal craftsmen have improved their standards. Today you can see more contemporary design in the toys, however retaining the tradition and sophistication of the originality.

There is one Nirmal Toys Industrial Cooperative Society situated on NH-7, which was established in 1955. It houses 60 artisans and is the main toy making unit. There is another branch in Hyderabad that manufactures furniture and miniature paintings. The 'Nirmal Industry' has been growing ever since its inception in 1951 at Hyderabad, which developed Nirmal paintings and handicrafts command the international market.

So, when you are in this town, don't forget to buy these specialities, which make the best of souvenirs.  

Nirmal Toys & Arts Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd.
Beside Govt. Boys Junior College,
Nirmal - 504106.
Adilabad, Andhra Pradesh.
Phone: 08734 - 242356 

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