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Nagunuru or Nagaruru is a small inconspicuous village near Karimnagar. Naganuru was the seat of power for many dynasties and had been an important centre of political and religious activities for nearly four centuries under the Chalukyas of Vemulavada, Western Chalukyas of Kalyani and Kakatiyas of Warangal. The inscriptions which are available in the village and by structures which can be seen even now, there seems to be a huge mud fort in this place

An inscription dated A.D.946, written during the reign of Arikesari II of Vemulavada and which is present on four sides of a stone pillar mentions the name of the village as Nagaruru (this inscription is still kept in the Museum of Karimnagar)

The inscriptions, statues etc which are available plenty indicate that this place has been a popular centre for Jainism as well.

Most of the temples in this region have been constructed in 12th and 13th centuries and the passage of the time and the negligence of the local's took its toll. Some of the temples which still exist though in a dilapidated stage and which make us understand the earlier grandeur of the place. Some of the temples are Trikuta Temple, Siva temple, The Vaishnava temple, Ramalingala gudi. 

There are some more temples which are in utter ruins. There are many small and medium sized images, sculptures scattered over large area. Some of these are collected and placed in a small room. Some of the note-worthy images which are kept in a small enclosed place are: 

  • Mahishasuramardini: - A very well illustrated sculpture of the Image of Mother Goddess in the process of killing the demon
  • Mahishasuramardini: - In this image the Mother Goddess is in the process of pressing her leg on the body of the demon who is in an animal form
  • Vishnu: - Again a well illustrated image of Lord Vishnu with all his ornaments and his weapons
  • Umamaheswara- Idol of Lord Siva and Goddess Parvati and Lord Vinayaka. In this image Goddess Parvati is sitting on the leg of Lord Siva
  • Naga :- A common idol of Half human and half snake figure with a sword and a shield in the hands
  • Devi: - A sculpture of Goddess holding weapons in all the four hands
  • Vinayaka: - A small image of Lord Vinayaka where the tusk is turned to the right
  • Boulder : A huge boulder which has the images of Bhairava, who is considered as the Body Guard of Lord Siva with weapons in all the four hands; Image of Lord Ganapati with out the headgear and that of Lord Surya
  • Nandi: - A well carved and bejeweled image of a Nandi
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