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Mulanguru is a small, presently inconspicuous village near Karimnagar. Records say that the original name of the village was Mudugar but has been changed to Mulanguru after the name of famous Muslim saint, Malang Shah Wali.

The only place worth seeing in this village is the Old fort built on the Huge Granite Hill, the ruined walls, gates, bastions, sculptures and several other remains in the fort. There is also a very old and famous Dargah of Malang Shahwali, which is held in high respect by the Muslims and Hindus alike.

There are two huge wells, one on the hills and another at the foot of the hill. The well at the foot of the hill is called as 'Doodh Bawli' or 'Milky Well'. The water of the well is as white as milk even today. Locals believe that this water has medicinal properties and also this water is used for drinking purpose to the folks of the village.

There are two temples in the fort which the people of the village still worship both of them dedicated to Lord Siva, one of them is a Sivalayam and the other Virabhadralayam. This fort has a lot of prominence in the earlier times as it lies on the way leading from the Elgandal fort to the Warangal fort.

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