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Mahanandi Andhra Pradesh: Thimmapuram village, well-known as Mahanandi village and is home to the famous 1500 year's old Mahanandishwara Temple. Mahanandi is situated at about 20kms from Nandyal in Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh. Mahanandi is a beautiful temple town and the existence of the famous Mahanandishwara Temple, with presiding deity of Lord Siva, makes this place religiously significant. This temple town is located at the east of Nallamala Hill ranges with nine temples of Nandi (Nandi- bull which is considered as the vehicle of Lord Siva) situated within a range of 15kms of radius. 

Mahanandi is one of the nine Nandis, surrounding which there are eight temple of Nandis. They are: Prathama Nandi situated near the Nandyal railway station, Naga Nandi is inside Anjaneya temple to the west of Nandyal, Soma Nandi which lies towards the east of Nandyal near Atmakur, Surya Nandi is located four miles east of Nandyal and six miles west of Mahanandi, Vishnu Nandi also known as Krishna Nandi is located about two miles from Mahanandi, Vinayaka Nandi is situated towards northwest of the main temple, Shiva Nandi is nearly 13kms from Nandyal and Garuda Nandi lies to the west of Mahanandi temple. All the nine temples of Nandiswara are equally sacred but of all these temples, Mahanandi receives more name and fame.

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Mahanandi Temple Is A Great Temple In Andhra Pradesh... added by   Shaik Hussain Basha on Jun 25 2012
You have entered wrong entry for soma nandi temple actually it is at atmakur bustand, in nandyal town ... added by   Ravi on Mar 13 2012
i never seen this place in the whole world ... added by   anonymus on Jul 6 2011
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