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"Madanapalle" or "Madanapalli" is a small town in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh. Known as an educational centre and cultural centre from the days of Dr. Annie Besant- the great theosophist, Madanapalle has many medical institutes. Apart from this Madanapalli was and is religiously famous for the temple of Chenna Kesava Swami

Madanapalli town is famous as the birth place of Jiddu Krishnamurthy who was a great philosopher and the founder of Krishnamurthy Foundation of America and Krishnamurthy Foundation of India. One of the prominent places in Madanapalle is the old house of Jiddu Krishnamurthy that is now renovated and proposed for housing of Public Library. Besant Theosophical College is another well-known place of Madanapalli that is named after Dr. Annie Besant. It is said that Rabindranath Tagore translated the Indian National Anthem, "JANA GANA MANA", from Bengali to English in Madanapalli.

The medical institutes like the Government Hospital, MLL Hospital and Rajkumari Amrutkour T.B. Research Centre are also based in Madanapalle. 

The cool, calm and serenity of this place attracts many tourist and a trip to Madanapalle will surely make the visitor carry home this imprints of a small picturesque town.

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please suggest me the connectivity to Ponnetipalem panchayathi from madanapalli and let me know whether it is still in panghayathi limits or merged with municipality of Madanapalli.Thank u ... added by   AR PRASAD on Mar 23 2013
rocking town and peca ... added by   praveen naik on Mar 17 2013
It is good. Appreciate if you can give phone numbers of various public orgs and utilities. ex Phone number of public library, electricity office etc.... added by   Bhanu on Jul 3 2012
Hi HAI Team, You are doing wonderful job with the this site, exploring India for the people of world wide.If you see deeply in this site, Your mostly exploring our Andhra Pradesh rather than India. Everywhere in this site list first our Andhra pradesh place, eg: In Adventure Places , "Nagarjuna sagar, Kondaveedu" is these best places in India for a adventure trip? and in Water Gateways "Tadipatri", "Nagarjuna Sagar". i think the designer of this site born at Nagarjuna sagar, he explored sagar ra... added by   Nandhu on May 24 2012
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