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Kolanupaka is a historical and small village situated on the Hyderabad-Warangal highway which comes in the Nalgonda district. It is at a distance of 80 kilometers from Hyderabad. Historically Kolanupaka was the second capital of Kalyani Chalukya dynasty during the11th century. It is an important pilgrim centre for Shaivite and Jain followers. In Kolanupaka you can see number of temples and shrines, the jain temple which is maintained very well is a must see attraction here. This jain temple is considered to be 2000 year old and has a 5 feet idol of Mahaveer which is made of Jade. Temple of Sri Veeranarayana Temple and Someswara Temple are must see temples here. State Archaeological Department of Kolanupaka has set up a museum in the Someswara Temple complex. Here you can see a number of artefacts of the temples including bronge items including a bell whcih bear an inscription refering to the gift of bells to God Somesvara of Kolanupaka by a certain Kanuappa Nayaka.



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