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Andhra Pradesh is the state famous for many ancient temples, some of them, which are very famous while some, which are not even known except by the locals. One such temples, which is least known by others, is in Kalavagunta, a small hamlet few kilometres away from Chittoor town. This rural community, Kalavagunta, is located at the convergence of the two rivers called Aragonda and Ponnai.

Kalavagunta is identified for the two temples, one that of Mukkantiswara (Lord Shiva) and another of Lakshmi Narayana Swami. These temples are said to be built during the time of Chola rule, somewhere in the middle of 10th century. The architectural style of the Cholas can be clearly seen in these two temples.

With this small but worth noting attractions, Kalavagunta makes it a nice place to visit while you are in Chittoor.

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my born and birth place is kalavagunta kalavagunta is a small village but hear we have 2 historical templels is hear one is most famous temple in chittoor distric lard siva temple it was established 7 centure the solas was established the temple name is mukantiswara temple the wonder is that temple behind river is there in that river the AP gov was constructed one big dame that dame is NTR jalasayam this river is sup laying waters TO chittoor in that river having more water storage capacity and ... added by   sidhu on Apr 15 2012
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