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The beautiful island near Kakinada, Hope Island makes a wonderful place to visit from the hustle-bustle of the city. This island is formed just 200 years ago by the drifting of sand from Godavari River. The island stretches across the Bay of Bengal and forms a Bay of Kakinada between the Island and the Kakinada coast. The northern part of the island is called as "Godavari Point" and this island protects the city of Kakinada from cyclones or tidal waves coming from the Bay of Bengal.

The sandy beaches on the island offer a refreshing atmosphere for one and all visiting the place. Don't forget to visit 'The Godavari Point' that gives a panoramic view of the entry point into Bay of Kakinada and of the Kakinada harbour.

You can enjoy the cold water especially during summer season. Carrying some good food stuff, a tent and some games to play at the beach would be real adventurous. Cooking and eating the fresh catch from the sea is even more fun.

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Please let me know how to reach hopeisland from Kakinada.Cost of this travel.... added by   P Rama Krishna on Aug 29 2012
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