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Gurramkonda is very famous place. Because the lion of mysore tipu sultan shaheed rahimahullah Completed his initial studies in this place and his teacher's name is shah kamal 2 rahimahullah... added by   syed Mukhtar Ahmed on Feb 12 2014
I want to know that thus the gurram family original are from gurramkonda if yes then from when they have splited from there... added by   Ramesh Gurram on Jan 22 2014
i want to know history... added by   sreenivas on Nov 22 2013
save our old monuments heritage and culture don't wright names on the walls of historical monnuments keep neetnes and protect our past evidences md naqui ulla khan... added by   naqui ulla on Apr 23 2013
alam o alikum iam naqui ulla khan native of gurramkonda the ancient and modern culture of gurramkonda is having a vital role in the modern society of our country ... added by   naqui on Apr 23 2013
Hi i am pradeep just i wanted to know that is their near by maqbara their is a street by name dargahbibi..pls send me reply thank you... added by   pradeep on Apr 1 2013
i am pradeep just i want to see the maqbara and the raghini mahal and the sorrunding areas... added by   pradeep on Mar 28 2013
I am Shaik Mahaboob anwar Basha S/O Late Attar Sulaiman Saheb, Bazaar Street blong to Gurramkonda and presently working in Saudi Arabia... added by   Anwar Basha on Sep 23 2012
Nawab Meer razali khan magbbera... added by   Nawab Meer Magdoom ali khan(magbera) on Aug 26 2012
My grand father belongs to gurramkonda. My name is gurramkonda shaik afzal. ... added by   afzal on Mar 31 2012
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