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Ghanpur is a village in Warangal District of Andhra Pradesh which houses group of temples built during Kakatiyan Era around 13th century. Amidst the lush green fields, a little outside Ghanpur village, you can find nearly twenty two small shrines encircled by double compound wall built of stones. These temples stand as a testimony of the Kakatiyan art, skill and architecture. 

According to the local legends, the place was ruled by Ganapatideva of Kakatiya Empire between 1199 and 1260 AD. It is believed that it was under his reign that these temples were built. The temple complex which houses two main shrines with some other smaller shrines lined up besides them is called as "Kota Gullu". Of all these temples, the main temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva is simply a master piece.

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