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Elgandal is a small village situated on the banks of river Manair. It was the seat of power for the Nizam till 1905 AD when the district head quarters was shifted from Elgandal to Karimnager during the reorganization.

During the course of history Elgandal was called with different names as Bahudhanyapuram, Tellakandula and Veligandula and later as Elgandal. It has been the centre of the important political actives from a very long time. Histoical evidences of artifacts and inscriptions suggest that the region has been ruled by as many as five dynasties namely; the Kakatiyas, Bahmanis, Qutub Shahis, Mughals and Asaf Jahis. The village is a good example of communal harmony where people of all religions co exist happily.

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sir, I my self is research on elgandal fort i.e. a Mannewar people who was earlier ruled on Elgandal Fort in the year 1891. But on connecting the documents I was not found any documentary information on the net regarding the Mannewar people. I have got the British documet i.e. a senses report of 1891 under which it has clearly mentioned that 90% of the caste Mannewar are found in the district of Elgandal. The Mannewar appear to be the descendants of the royal house that at one time ruled at El... added by   O.S.Bone on May 19 2013
elgandal is king ... added by   ramu on Oct 17 2012
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