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Dharmavaram is a city and municipality in Anantapur district. Dharmavaram got its name after 'Dharmamba', the mother of 'Sri Kriyasakthi Odeyar', the one who dug the sacred Dharmavaram tank. Dharmavaram is famous for its cotton and silk weaving industries. Generally termed as "silk city", the silk manufactured in Dharmavaram is famous all over the world. It is also known for its expertise in making leather puppets. This place is famous as a pilgrimage centre with pretty small but prominent temples.

The renowned God-man, Sri Satya Sai Baba's birth place, Puttaparthi, is a well-known tourist destination, just 30kms from Dharmavaram.

When you are in Dharmavaram, make sure to buy the saris made here, as they are famous all over the world. The texture and designs on them, makes it a must-buy for every woman.

These silk saris, silk fabrics are popular all over the world and are exported to as far away as Germany, France. You can find a Silk Exchange only in Dharmavaram. Dharmavaram contributed a number of freedom-fighters for the Mother India

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