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Bhairava Kona is located in the middle of dense Nallamala forest near to Ambavaram-kothapalli villages. The place is close to the borders Nellore and prakasam districts.  It is situated at a distance at 12kms from Onipenta a small village that comes on the way of Mydukur-Porumamilla bus route.

There is a legend about the origin of the name of 'Bhairava Kona'. It is said that a shepherd named Bhairava Kondiah sacrificed his head to god as his desire was not fulfilled... Thus the body of the Bhairava Kondiah and the Mondi sila (headless trunk) were buried here and hence it became the place of worship and the place from then was called as "Bhairava Kona". Bhairava - Name of the shepherd and Kona - Small pond.

Bhairava Kona is one of the famous religious place in Andhra Pradesh. This temple is said to be constructed in 7th and 8th century A.D during the period of pallavas. This may be perhaps only one temple in India where Brahma, Vishnu, Maheswara are worshiped together in one place. Another interesting feature of this was all the Temples over there were carved out from one single rock and Lord Shiva here appears in eight different forms.

Kadapa (60kms), Yerraguntla (50kms), Mydukur (30kms) are nearest big towns.

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good story... added by   archana on Apr 9 2016
good story... added by   archana on Apr 9 2016
good story... added by   archana on Apr 9 2016
good story... added by   archana on Apr 9 2016
dear friends birava kona definantly chuda valasina punya kshetram akkda jaalu varey jalapatham,okey rathi lo chekka badina 8 temples chuda daniki entho aaladamga untundi inka akkad pachani chetlu prakruthi soyagalu manasuku ento annandani chekurusthay summers lo ikkada chala cool ga untundi so birava kona thappaka chudavalasina pradesam nenu birav akona nu 16 times chusanu... added by   shammi on Mar 17 2013
I lick that place he'is my family god I believe that temple... added by   rambabu on Sep 11 2012
nice place......... added by   manoj on Sep 2 2012
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