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Attirala is a religious place in kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh located at a distance of 10kms south of Rajampet and 55kms to the south of kadapa. Attirala is situated on the eastern bank of river Cheyyuru which has a great historical significance. The holiness of river Cheyyuru was widely described in the great epics of Mahabharata.

There is much hearsay on the way how the Attirala derived its name. It is believed that the river Cheyyuru redeemed parasurama's sin after having a holy bath in it. Hence the place got the name  'Hathyarala' (Hathya-killing, rale- dropped off) and later Attirala.

Another legend says that Likhitha, a great sage in Threta yuga, got his hands cut off because of innocent act of theft of a fruit which he confessed. (as he was hungry he cut the fruits from the tree without the permission of the owner). From that day he along with his brother went on a religious tour and took holy dips in all the sacred river's to cleanse his sins.. Finally after returning to his native place which is near the cheyyuru river, he took a holy dip in river Cheyyuru all his sins were emancipated and he got his hands back. From then the river is called Cheyyuru meaning 'Cheyu'-"hand" and 'Yeru'-"river".

Attirala is a great place of Vedic culture. Residing on the banks of river Cheyyuru, it is famous for its natural scenic beauty. The temple of Parasurama kshethra is worth seeing for its sculptural beauty.

Rajampet (10kms), Kadapa (55kms) are nearest big towns.

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