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Balaji Hotel comes under a category of 3,2,1 star hotels

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Charla Road
Bhadrachalam - 507111

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Please confirm availability and tariff for non A/C room accommodation from 19th July 2015 8AM to 20th July 2015 8AM.... added by   T S N Reddy on May 30 2015
require a room for 3 persons on 01-04-2012 from 5am to 7 pm... added by   vvra prasad on Mar 28 2012
Bravo Daniel. As a one-time front dekesr in a relaxed beachfront resort, I was often surrounded by unpressed, untucked shirts. The unpressed never impressed with regard to appearance or attitude. It's hard to determine which came first. Was the lackluster appearance simply a reflection of the attitude? True, these shirts were horridly Hawaiian. Perhaps it was the obtrusive print itself that was the start of this downward spiral for the unpressed ? I can't say for sure. I can say that the firs... added by   Ariel on Mar 2 2012
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