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Bhadrachalam - 507111

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Please confirm availability and tariff for non A/C room accommodation from 19th July 2015 8AM to 20th July 2015 8AM.... added by   T S N Reddy on May 30 2015
Looking for rooms... added by   chandu on Feb 18 2013
Hi Jim, dckchpiutle is an information site but we don't make the reservations. We just put up information about places we have stayed but you will have to make your own reservations.We only have their phone number:Tel 325-4465I have found that rooms are usually available on weekdays but weekends can be booked solid. If there is an event at the Convention Center on the waterfront across the street it will probably be fully booked. In that case check for availability at the Bay View owned by ... added by   Vippers on Mar 2 2012
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