How to go to Borra Caves

How to reach Borra caves-Araku

Borra Caves are located about 92 kms north of Visakhapatnam. The nearest airport is at Visakhapatnam and other is in Hyderabad.

While you are in Vizag, you can make a day's trip to Borra Caves. An exciting and most sought-after way to reach the cave is by train from Visakhapatnam. The distance is about 100 kms and the train takes about 5 to 6 hours to reach. It passes through the Eastern Ghats through 30 tunnels and thick vegetation on the hilly terrain. The train journey to Borra Caves gives you one of the best experiences you had.

There are guided day trip which includes Tyda Railway Tunnel, Damuku View Point, Borra Caves, Ananthagiri Coffee Plantation, Padmapuram Gardens and the Araku Valley.

Araku Rail cum Road Tour is a daily tour from Vizag to Araku, via Borra Caves. 
Departure time is 7:00 am and Arrival is 9:00 pm (same day)
Fare:  Adult Rs.300/- Child: Rs.240/- (Please check for the updated fare).
This fare includes breakfast, lunch, tea, snacks and train fare.

Araku-Tyda-Borra Caves Tour is a daily tour from Vizag to Araku, Borra caves and Tyda forest.
Please Note: This does not have the rail journey.
Departure time is 7:00 am and Arrival is 9:00 pm (same day).
Fare: Adult Rs.150/- Child Rs.120/- (Please check for the updated fare).

For reservation and further details contact you can contact the Tourism Department of AP:
Central Reservation Manager
Central Reservation Office, No 46A, RTC Complex, Visakhapatnam.
Phone: 0891-2746446, Tel-fax: 2713135, Mobile: 9848007022, 9848185775, 9848023948.
Tourist Information Centre, Vizag:  Ph: +91-891-2746446, 2754716.

Another option is to hire a car from Vizag. By car on the Ghat road it takes three hours to reach Borra Caves.

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kindly give me the latest information regarding hotels situated at borraguhalu proper.thank u. ... added by on Feb 4 2013
Araku Borra Caves (Borra Guhalu) visitings are stoped from today, Visakhapatnam "Borra caves" or "Borra Guhalu" are one of the famous tourist destinations in Andhra Pradesh. Local peaple started strike againest APTDC so APTDC has cancelled all bookings to "Araku Borra Caves" from today as well as they are sending SMS to tourists who are booking in advance. APTDC will reschedule tours and pay money for the people who are booking advance train tickets to "Borra caves" ... added by   jayala prashanth on Oct 12 2012
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