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Puranaas has it that, Sage Gautami, in order to reduce His curse from killing a cow, performed penance and brought the River here that came to be known as River Gautami, after him. This river was broken down into seven tributaries by the great sages and made to join the ocean at seven different places. Even Sage Vashista brought a tributary of River Godavari to this place that came to be known as Vashista Godavari.

The sage along with his wife Arundhati Devi and hundred sons constructed a ashram and settled here. Today, Sage Arundhati Vashista temple stands at the same place along with a Vashista Sevashram. As per the Hindu tradition, during the marriage ceremony, the bride and the groom are shown the Arundathi star, which is just below the Vashista star. This ritual is considered sacred for the couple as it is supposed to bring them happiness and prosperity. Hence visiting this temple is said to be good for a happy married life.

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