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Jogulamba Temple Alampur: The temple of Jogulamba is situated in the town of Alampur in the Mahbubnagar district of Andhra Pradesh. It is one of the Ashtadasa Sakthi Peethams (18 holy abodes of Mother Goddess) which is one of the famous spiritual places in the state.

The word "Jogulamba" is derived from "Joginula Amma" (Mother of Joginis). Jogini (also called as Yogini) means a female person, who has given up all the earthly attachments. Jogini also has another meaning which implies a dancer (female) whose life is dedicated to God. Hence, the goddess is also known as Yogulamba or Yogamba.

Description of Alampur Jogulamba temple:
The temple of Jogulamba Devi is built magnificently near the banks of Tungabhadra River. The idol of the goddess is in a sitting posture with abundant hair which has a lizard, scorpion, bat and human skull adorned in it. Also, idols of Saptamatrikas (group of Hindu goddesses), Ganapathi and Veerabhadra are installed in conjunction of the main idol. The temple has a Yagnasala (where Yagnas are performed), a rest house and a pond. The temple covers a large portion of land, built magnificently with several carvings on the black stone and flooring is made of marble stone. The temple is closely situated to the Nava Brahma temples.

Siginificance of Jogulamba Temple:
Jogulamba can be understood as "Gruha Chandi" (protector of our homes). As we noticed, the idol shows that the goddess has a lizard, scorpion, bat and human skull in her hair. These are the indications of evil and signs of deterioration of a house. Lizard is the primary indication that a house starting to lose its life. Gradually, the number of lizards shall increase which result in the welcoming of scorpions which is even worse. The next level would be the entrance of bats which may result in death of humans living in that house. People believe that Jogulamba protects them and their shelters from all kinds of evils. She is also worshipped to be freed from Vastu Doshas (faults in constructions). The temple attracts a large number of pilgrims from various parts for the country and major festivals like Dussera, Maha Shivaratri are celebrated with pomp.

Legend of Renuka Mata:
Besides being a religious hub, Alampur is also famous for being a home to the Ashram of Maharshi Jamadagni. According to a legend, Maharshi Jamadagni stayed in Alampur with his wife Renuka and four sons. They were making their livelihood and worshipping Bala Brahmeswara and Jogulamba Devi. Renuka Mata, with her power, regularly used to make a pot with sand and bring water from the Tungabhadra River. One day, she noticed a king of Gandharvas bathing in the river with his wives. On seeing this, she formed a prejudice that happiness comes from materialistic wealth but not by worship. 

At this thought, she lost all her powers and could not make the pot. She went home without water and on being asked the reason by Jamadagni, Renuka told about the incident and admitted her sinful thoughts. Then, Jamadagni got angry on her and ordered his sons to kill her. Three of them refused to do so but the fourth son, Parasurama, obeyed the order of his father and killed his mother by cutting her head off with his axe. Jamadagni was pleased and offered him a boon. Parasurama asked him to give back life to his mother. Then Jamadagni revived her life.

Legends say that the head of Renuka Mata became Ekaveera Devi, a symbol of Maya rupa; (materialistic thoughts) and the headless body became Bhudevi, a symbol of Matru rupa (mother). Many people say that Ekaveera Devi manifested herself as Goddess Yellamma in Undavelli village near Alampur, while the shrine of Bhudevi is present in the premises of Bala Brahmeswara temple.

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distance to jogulamba temple from hyd to ... added by   m.satish on Sep 20 2012
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it is very unfair that some part of the temple has been occupied by muslamans and made it a burrial ground in side one of the temples,most of them are disfiguired.... added by   aravind.g on May 12 2012
How to reach jogulamba temple from hyderabad any buses/train available what is the timings of darshan.... added by   subramanyam on Apr 15 2012
How to reach jogulamba temple from hyderabad any buses/train available what is the timings of darshan.... added by   subramanyam on Apr 15 2012
Some small choultries are there, but it is advisable to stay in kurnool which is about 18 kms away... added by   anonymus on Dec 27 2011
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