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Lost somewhere in the pages of the glorious history of Hyderabad, is the mention of this long-standing palace, the Palace of Errum Manzil. The name "Errum Manzil" in Persian language means "Mansion in Paradise". This palace, about 119 years old, lying on the other side of the Khairatabad - Panjagutta road, was built by Nawab Safdar Jung Musheer-ud-Daula Fakhrul Mulk, who was a close acquaintance of the sixth Nawab of Hyderabad.

Later, this palace was taken over by the Government. It was used as a store-house of the records for some years and then was transferred into the hands of Public Works Department. Today, this palace houses some of the key offices of the Engineers-in-chief and the Chief Engineers of the Roads and Buildings and Irrigation/ Command Area Development Departments. Due to security reasons visitors are not allowed to enter inside the building but one can have a glimpse of the palace from outside. Most of the portions of the palace are locked and some are used as kitchen for the bureaucrats.

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